Social Networking integration

Social Networking integration

Posted on Monday, September 14th, 2009 by Jamie

This article will demonstrate how to integrate Social Networking sites, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, together with WordPress, enabling you to update all sites from WordPress.

Lets begin with Facebook, you can do this on either your personal profile, or a Facebook ‘page’, you cannot currently do this on Groups. Go to your profile or page and look for ‘notes’ on the tabs at the top, if you can’t see notes you can add it by clicking the add button. Go into notes then look to the bottom left for a link titled ‘edit import settings’ click on this, then input your blogs RSS feed url and bobs yer uncle, each new post now appears on your wall! You can take a look at it in action here.

Import your blogs RSS feed into your Facebook Notes

Next, Twitter, for this we use a plugin called Twitter Tools. This enables you to automatically ‘tweet’ everytime you create a new blog post, you can also disable this for individual posts and it works the other way round too, i.e. everytime you tweet, a new blog post is created. It also gives you the option to update Twitter only, direct from WordPress. After following the plugins installation we then have to create an ‘application’ in Twitter.

Login to Twitter, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Twitter API’ click on register an app and fill in the required information. For application type, choose Browser, for default access type, choose read and write and use your blogs address for the callback url. Once you have submitted this information you will be given a Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token and Access Token Secret. Copy these details into Twitter tools and you are good to go.

You need to create a Twitter application, in order to get Twitter Tools working

Finally, LinkedIn. For this there are 2 methods, the first one simply displays a list of your latest posts on your profile, for this you simply need to add the WordPress application to your LinkedIn account and then input your blog details, you can do so here. That is all well and good, the only issue is that people need to be viewing your profile in order to see your latest posts. The second method, makes use of your Twitter account, login to LinkedIn and go to your update status box, click on the blue Twitter logo and you will see your Twitter settings, you can now add your Twitter account, follow the instructions and your ready to go.

Access your Twitter account settings and also send your status updates to Twitter

This is how we have set up Web Dev Blog, we always use WordPress to post and everything else follows. However, if you set Twitter Tools to create a new blog post from tweets you can then do everything from either Twitter or LinkedIn (take a look at the diagram below). Also please note that with regards to Twitter and LinkedIn, there are settings to control how the updates display, wether to use tinyURLs etc.

There are 3 ways to update all 4 websites

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