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Redmove Estate Agents: Google Street View, DezRez

Posted on Friday, October 9th, 2009 by Helen

York Estate Agents

The new site for York estate agents Redmove, designed by Andy, went live last week. This was a redesign which includes integration of their DezRez database system, plus an advanced and versatile search tool which will bring up all the possible results that include any search string – e.g. a search for ‘d’ will include every listing that contains the letter ‘d’, a search for ‘dun’ will include listings such as those in Dunnington, and a search for ‘YO1′ will produce all listings for properties whose postcodes begin with these characters.

One of the most interesting things about this new site is the integration of Google Street View in addition to Google Maps. Although Street View is not available for every property yet, due to Google not having photographed everywhere in the UK, there are many property listings on which it is possible to include a Street View widget. This gives the viewer a chance to look at the exterior of the property and surrounding area in a more three-dimensional way, as well as explore the locality by virtually ‘travelling’ along the street.

Estate Agents in York

Screenshot of property listing integrating Street View on

Finding your place in the world

Posted on Friday, January 30th, 2009 by Richard

The whole world is going online. Literally. It started with Multimap and Streetmap, and it got a heck of a kick with Google Maps and then Google Earth. Right now as you read, the whole planet is being digitised in ever greater detail by cars, planes and satellites.

The grandiose term for theseĀ are Geographical Information Systems – GIS. And they are incredibly useful. (more…)

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