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SEO for Scoot Cycling Holidays

Posted on Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 by Helen

When a website already has a #1 position for some searches, particularly those using location-specific terms, it may be time to think about building on this with new SEO campaigns. Scoot Cycling Holidays, who recently commissioned some SEO work, were already sitting at the top of Google for “cycling holidays in Yorkshire” and related searches, but found that being in this position was not bringing them as much web traffic, and thus as much business, as they wanted.

Their target market is visitors from abroad, primarily those visiting Britain from the USA and Australia, who might want to take a short countryside break in the middle of a tour of major cities. As such people may not have a specific county in mind prior to their visit, they may be unlikely to type “Yorkshire cycling holidays” into Google. Furthermore, when I did some search popularity research with the location set to the US, I found that the monthly searches that include “cycling holiday” are fairly low. Thinking this was simply a case of the UK’s “holiday” being equivalent to the USA’s “vacation” I tried “cycling vacations”. Surprisingly, this was even less popular, according to Google’s Keyword Tool. After a bit more research, I found that the more commonly used term is “cycling tour”, and similar variables.

Choosing exactly which phrases to optimise the home page for was tricky for this site – they wanted to keep their position at the top for “Yorkshire cycling holidays”, and were already on page 2 for “UK cycling holidays”, which, although less popular, still brought them some traffic. “England bike tours” was the primary phrase I chose, while keeping the Yorkshire and UK cycling holidays content included so that they would maintain their positions. As the site had previously had very dilute and unfocused SEO content, the SEO for the “cycling holidays” phrases was improved by the treatment, even though they were only secondary terms. The site has since risen several places for “UK cycling holidays” and remains at position 1 for “Yorkshire cycling holidays”. It has made an entry a little further down Google’s search results for “England bike tours”, in which it could not be found anywhere prior to any treatment. As the SEO work is not yet complete, this is a promising start.

Too Many Meta Keywords

The meta keywords before the SEO treatment: the existing content was dilute and unfocused – more than half of the keywords had little relevance to the content of the page, or the SEO target. Google pays little attention to these anyway, so they were of little use, and getting in the way of the real content.

Cycling Websites Becoming a Speciality

Posted on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 by Helen

Cycling Websites

Cycling related websites are proving to be an excellent area of business for us. There are several in our portfolio already, and some more in the pipeline.

Last year we built a website for the York Festival of Cycling, and this was followed by a new site for Get Cycling, one of several projects run by the Company of Cyclists. Get Cycling is a community interest company which organises and promotes cycling events, bike try-out roadshows and cycling festivals all over the UK.

Cycle Event Organisers

One offshoot of Get Cycling is now having its own website developed. Bikeboost is a scheme set up to promote and support cycling to and from work in urban areas. The first city to participate in the programme is Sheffield (one of the UK’s hilliest cities!) where 800 people will take up cycling to work. The scheme provides bike loans and support over a two year period, and will offer free cycle training in association with Sheffield cycling organisation Pedal Ready.

Our contribution to the project was a sophisticated bespoke (no pun intended) online system to manage the various BikeBoosts. Participants can register their interest and fill in an online questionnaire about their current commuting habits. People are selected to take part based on this information and the number of places available, and they are then given an account within the BikeBoost site.

Once admitted, participants can log into their account on the BikeBoost website and record their experiences and progress throughout the challenge, keeping track of the distances logged by themselves and their colleagues.

The online system makes it a whole lot easier to sign people up, loan them bikes, and find out how they’re doing. Reports on the facts and figures of the challenge are available at the click of a button.


Another project run by Company of Cyclists is Cyclorama, an enormous, multilingual online cycling resource which is still being developed. Cyclorama incorporates the online cycling magazine Bike Culture, which features a vast array of cycling articles and essays on practically every aspect of cycling imaginable. The site also serves as an exhibition space for specialist cycle designers, manufacturers and retailers. Each exhibitor has their own profile page, which contains a portfolio of their products and a blog.


Last month saw the launch of a website for the Big Bad Bike Ride, a sponsored charity bike ride which has been raising money to fund research into Friedreich’s ataxia since 1991. This site was set up to provide up-to-date news and information to participants, and to take online registrations and payments. Participants can also collect their sponsorship money online through Just Giving.

Big Bad Bike Ride

The next cycling-related website that we will be developing is Cycling City York, a project for the City of York Council which will promote York’s status as a Cycling City.

MBE for Big Bad Bike Ride founder Graham Kennedy

Posted on Thursday, January 7th, 2010 by Helen

Very soon we’ll be launching a new site for fundraiser Graham Kennedy. Graham organises an annual sponsored bike ride to raise money for research into finding a cure for Friedreich’s Ataxia, and this year, in recognition of his fundraising work, he received an MBE in the New Year’s Honours.

Since 1991 the Big Bad Bike Ride has raised almost £600,000 for Ataxia UK, a charity which supports medical research into the causes and possible treatments of Friedreich’s Ataxia. The name ‘ataxia’ means ‘absence of order’, and people with the condition have problems with co-ordination which usually become progressively worse over time.

Graham started his fundraising campaign after his two children were diagnosed with the condition in 1990. His aim is to raise one million pounds for the charity, and, one ambition, he says, “to close York with a massive bike ride, similar to what happens in Cape Town every March when 36,000 take part.”

This year the Big Bad Bike Ride will take place near Pitlochry in the Scottish Highlands, on an undulating circuit of 75 miles. If previous years’ turn-outs are anything to go by, it should see over one hundred riders taking up the challenge.

Graham says the award is “a tribute to all the people who have helped me. Over the years, a lot of people, mainly from the York area, have been involved in the bike rides.”

The Big Bad Bike Ride website will be launched on 15th January 2010.
Big Bad Bike Ride

All About Bicycles

Posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2009 by Richard

Whilst I’m waiting for a big upload to finish, I thought I’d take a moment to talk to you all about bicycles.

We’ve been working for some time with Get Cycling – nationally renowned cycling promoters and purveyors of all manner of pedal-powered fun. We also took on the task of developing a site for their sister company, Company of Cyclists.

The site was launched last week: Cyclorama – a guide to all things pedal-powered. It’s an ambitious project, an online bicycle (/tricycle/quadricycle…) exhibition featuring high-quality specialist cycle manufacturers and retailers worldwide, backed up with the results of a lifetime of work in bicycle journalism. If you like bikes – and I do – you’ll probably love it.

The site is being launched in stages – right now you can read over 250 articles, essays and technical guides in the bike culture section. Over the next few months we’ll see the exhibits appear: the retailers, manufacturers and bikes on exhibition, as well as blogs, discussion boards and an online shop.

The site has been coded to be entirely multilingual, so that exhibitors can upload their profiles in their own languages, and in as many of them as they like. Translations are being added to the existing site.

That’s one of the complications of the site: the other big one has been not getting absorbed in reading all the articles!

The Cyclorama Homepage

The Cyclorama Homepage

York Counselling and Get Cycling

Posted on Thursday, October 8th, 2009 by Helen

Here are two new sites designed by Bivouac and coded by Semlyen IT:

The first is for Get Cycling, a cycling promotion company who specialise in organising cycling roadshows, bike try-out roadshows and other cycling events.

The site showcases the huge variety of cycling-based activities they provide, including a page featuring their menagerie of ‘Megabikes’ such as pedal powered sofas, multi-seater cycles and a pedal-powered Scalextric.

The site utilises multiple image slideshows and a WordPress powered news management system.

Cycling Promotion,Roadshows and Events

York Counselling has had a site redesign, and also some SEO to highlight the additional services provided and areas covered – for example anxiety and depression treatment, in Leeds and Wetherby.

Counselling in York, Leeds and Wetherby

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