The Curtain Exchange: Low Cost E-Commerce

The Curtain Exchange: Low Cost E-Commerce

Posted on Monday, December 6th, 2010 by Helen

Curtains 2 U is the online trading portal of Boston Spa’s branch of the Curtain Exchange franchise. As a curtain shop near Wetherby and Tadcaster, their geographical competition for search engine results is not high, as small towns would not ordinarily sustain more than one or two curtain makers. Their page on the franchise’s own website already tops Google’s results for “curtain shop in Boston Spa”, so there is no need for us to do any further work there.

We are currently testing the water regarding SEO for the much more competitive phrases “online curtain shop” and “buy curtains online“. Originally we built the site as a low-cost e-commerce solution. It features a budget bespoke catalogue management system, integrated with Mal’s Cart. As the site was coded by us, it was built to our usual coding standards which allow for maximum SEO treatment if required. The client did not ask for SEO in the original quote, but they have since approached us to add some optimisation, both for the main “online curtain shop” phrases, and also some secondary geographical optimisation to target nearby Wetherby and Tadcaster.

The site received a rigorous, in-depth SEO treatment, and also has a few backlinks from our other clients’ links directories (although the effectiveness of these is now uncertain…). It will be interesting to see how much improvement this treatment produces in what appears to be a very competitive area – can this site compete with the established sites? They may be older and larger, but may not necessarily be as concisely coded.

Curtain Shop, Wetherby

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