SEO for different scenarios

SEO for different scenarios

Posted on Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 by Helen

In providing an SEO service, we often find ourselves dealing with different situations from site to site. Some clients who approach us to improve their position in Google searches are doing so because their existing sites are set up in a non-SEO-friendly way; others may be set up correctly but missing optimised content. Or, in an ideal situation, we will have coded the site ourselves with the intention of integrating effective SEO from the outset.


Craft Kits for Children

This site was coded by Semlyen IT, and the SEO – both onsite and offsite – was provided as part of the original site development. The site, which sells craft kits for children, has done well for various search phrases. As a follow up, the site’s owners have commissioned an SEO boost in the form of some additional work for those phrases which are lagging behind. We keep track of how well each phrase is doing by logging the position of each in Google results every few weeks.

Buttonbag is currently at position #1 for searches on for “sewing kits for children” and “children’s sewing kits”, but “children’s craft kits” is lagging behind a little at position #3, and “craft kits for children” at #2.

We will be adding some new offsite SEO links. Combined with the site’s existing onsite SEO, these should lift its position.

Shepherd’s Huts

Shepherd's Huts

Furniture For Life is a company specialising in high quality handmade furniture. As an offshoot of this business, they build shepherd’s huts – reproductions of miniature homes on wheels traditionally used by shepherds in the nineteenth century as they moved their flocks to new grazing. Today these are becoming popular as garden offices, hideaways, garden retreats and summerhouses.

The Shepherd’s Huts site was originally created by the business owner using free website software. Before we started work, it was at position #70 in Google results for “shepherd’s hut“.

When we added some SEO content, we ran into a software-related obstacle. It became apparent that the software used by the client was not compatible with updating files that had been changed remotely. This was going to make it impossible for the site’s owner to make updates without overwriting the onsite SEO.

It also became apparent that the software used to create the site generated the navigation using Javascript. As a result, Google was unaware of all but the home page. The site needed to be recoded.

Since the recode, the site has risen dramatically and is now at the top of page two for a search for ‘shepherd’s huts‘. As more links take effect, we should see it on page one.

David Bellis

York Photographer

David Bellis specialises in wedding photography in York, as well as portraiture and various other photographic forms. He created his website using software that produces sites in Flash. Flash is generally unreadable by search engines, as the text is embedded in the Flash file and, from an SEO point of view, may as well not be there at all. Before we worked on the site, it did not appear anywhere on the first 25 pages of Google search results for “York photographer“, “wedding photographer in York” or any other similar phrases.

The software used to create this site does provide some basic SEO opportunities: it allows the user to insert page titles, and meta tags containing keywords and a description. However, it duplicates these on every page of the site, which is not good SEO practice, as search engines favour sites in which each page has unique titles, keywords and descriptions.

There was also an existing static splash page on the site. This was written entirely in html, so had more potential for including SEO content. We added title and meta tags, and a few paragraphs of written content, so that there was something for search engines to read. This onsite SEO was combined with offsite SEO links.

Since we added the optimised splash page and offsite SEO links, the site jumped to a position on page 4 for ‘york photographer‘ even before Google had properly re-indexed the recoded site.

Google has now re-indexed the recoded site, and it is currently towards the top of page two for ‘york photographer‘. It should rise further as Google indexes the offsite links.

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