Lodge Environmental Solutions: Extreme Cleaning Services

Lodge Environmental Solutions: Extreme Cleaning Services

Posted on Thursday, December 3rd, 2009 by Helen

Lodge Environmental Solutions have been a client of ours for some time. In the past the company has worked mainly in contract and industrial cleaning in the local area, but have now decided to focus on some other more specialised cleaning services, and to offer these services nationally.

Extreme Cleaning

The site was redesigned, and the structure was built around some predetermined search engine optimised phrases for the new services. Building a site around the SEO structure – rather than trying to fit a potentially large number of phrases into an existing site that was not necessarily built with SEO in mind – means that it is possible for every page on the site to be clearly focused on one topic.

In the case of this site, which offers a broad range of cleaning services, some nationally and some in specific localities, it gives the site much more scope for appearing at a good position in Google for each individual service.

For example, the company offers a broadly defined ‘extreme cleaning‘ service – covering a variety of heavy-duty cleaning jobs such as gross filth clean-up, drug paraphernalia removal, crime and trauma scene clean-up, chemical and sewage spill cleaning and graffiti removal. Each of these is briefly covered on the main extreme cleaning page, and then in more detail on a page of its own. This not only maximises the opportunities for focused SEO on each page, but also provides a user-friendly interface as site visitors navigate through overviews to specific services – so it’s human-friendly as well as search engine-friendly.

Another service that Lodge specialise in is pure water cleaning, which is a window cleaning technique suitable for cleaning both exterior and interior windows. To give the greatest potential for SEO of both ‘interior pure water window cleaning‘ and ‘exterior pure water window cleaning‘ we made two pages for the site – one with the SEO focused on ‘interior’, and one on ‘exterior’.

As the cleaning techniques for both are exactly the same, it would have been possible to just duplicate one page and replace ‘interior’ with ‘exterior’ throughout. However, Google does not regard sites with duplicate content favourably. Instead, we focused the main page about the pure water cleaning service on the ‘exterior’ phrase, and optimised another page, which explains how the technique works, on the ‘interior’ phrase. This way there is not only no duplicate content, but also some additional, useful information.

When building a site that is designed to be read most effectively by search engines, it’s important to keep in mind that it has to be user-friendly for humans as well. Just as there’s little point to a user-friendly, well-designed website with no SEO – resulting in nobody ever seeing it – a site with great SEO but no real useful content is not likely to promote business either. Fortunately, good SEO and useful content are not separate issues – the sites most favoured by Google are usually those that are not only well optimised for search, but also contain genuine content.

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