IQ Property: Website Recode

IQ Property: Website Recode

Posted on Friday, April 26th, 2013 by Jamie

IQ Property, a Letting agent in Moseley, required a boost to their search engine rankings. In order to get the best search engine results we decided a recode of the website was needed.

Google much prefers lean, semantic code, with a high content to code ratio. It likes to see the page’s content straight away, without having to crawl through lots of code to find it. Lean code also benefits from improved performance and shorter page load times.

Their current website consisted of a whopping 1555 lines of code, with the first line of page content other than the meta tags starting at line 1257. The code mostly consisted of inline CSS and style tags repeating the same styles again and again. We took the site and recoded it to our usual standards, bringing the home page down to a nice 395 lines of readable, reusable code, and moving all the styles into a single CSS file.

Now that the content has room to breathe, and Google can swiftly crawl the site we should see much improved results for Moseley Letting Agent IQ Property.

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