Welcome to WebDevBlog

Welcome to WebDevBlog

Posted on Friday, December 5th, 2008 by Jamie

Welcome to Semlyen IT’s blog – WebDevBlog.

We aim to keep you up to speed about:

  • what’s going on at Semlyen IT – what we’re up to, and what we’re thinking about. Everything from reflections on running a technology company in York, to the new services we’re offering.
  • the latest interesting ideas for website design – should you believe the hype, or will the latest widgets really take your site into orbit? Our reviews will help you navigate the confusing world of web-development.
  • tips, tricks, and FAQs – want to know how things are done, but were afraid to ask? We’ll put it simply and easily for you in our guides to doing things on the web.
  • fun and interesting stuff – five minutes to kill, or just looking for ideas? We’ll post links to other sites, articles, and web-content that will entertain or inspire you.

Each new article posted to this blog will belong to a ‘category’, relating to the list above – news, ideas, tech-tips, or fun-stuff. You can browse posts through the categories menu on the right, or through the calendar.

The staff at Semlyen IT – Jim, Richard, Andy and Jamie – hope you enjoy this new blog. Please get in touch if there’s anything you’d like us to write about.

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