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Posted on Thursday, April 30th, 2009 by Helen

Recently we’ve been working on two sites which both sell products aimed at children – one is for a shop called Cusp, which sells personalised christening gifts and other presents for newborns, babies and young children. The other is Buttonbag, which sells craft kits for children aged four years old and upwards.

The site for Buttonbag was a redesign of an existing site, built on the same domain, whereas the Cusp site is a new domain. The SEO links back to these sites have been added from existing sites at roughly the same rate – almost exactly in parallel. There are now around twenty links back to each domain from other sites. Given the different ages of the domains, it’s been interesting to observe how Google has been treating them.

Buttonbag, the older of the two, is now at no. 3 for the Google search ‘sewing kits for children’ and at no. 8 for ‘craft kits for children’. Cusp, a new domain, despite having had approximately the same number of links added over the same period of time, is yet to appear in Google’s listing for either the search ‘personalised christening gifts’ or ‘christening gifts’, the two main phrases for which it has been optimised.

It could be that there is more competition for ‘christening gifts’ than ‘craft kits’ – but is also very likely that Google is more accepting of the established domain and more wary of the new one, which it may be keeping “on hold” for a while just to make sure it’s nothing harmful.

Talking of websites selling products for children, the Twigs4Kids website -which sells organic children’s clothes and organic baby clothes – has had a recent SEO boost and is now at no. 1 in Google for ‘organic children’s clothes’. It had been hovering around no. 2 and no. 3 for several months, so this recent work has obviously made the difference.

The next step for this site could be to raise its rank for the search ‘organic baby clothes‘ – currently only on page 3 of the Google listing for that search, but new links are being added gradually. Future links will be targeted at the ‘organic baby clothes’ phrase since the ‘organic children’s clothes’ search is already a success.

Another new site undergoing SEO treatment is a page for Benson Grays Associates, promoting their mortgage advice service. Despite currently just having a holding page as its content, a large number of incoming links using the targeted phrases have sent it to no. 3 for the Google search ‘mortgage advice in York’ and no. 2 for ‘York mortgage advice’. This domain is only a week older than the Cusp domain, so hopefully Cusp should be making an appearance in the Google listings very soon.

I’ll post an update on the progress of these sites in the next few weeks.

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