Designing One-Page Websites

Designing One-Page Websites

Posted on Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 by Helen

Much of our work is in the development of multiple-paged, often complex, dynamic websites, but there are occasions when this kind of site isn’t needed. Some small businesses, such as an aerial installer in York whose site we made recently, simply require an online presence so that their customers can find them on the web. If your business doesn’t need to sell products online, take online bookings or offer a range of different services, your website can be a simple, one-page static site and still be an effective tool in attracting new customers.

In building websites which are, in effect, an online business card or flyer, we can apply some of the same design criteria as we would to an equivalent paper document – prominent contact details and a brief description of what’s on offer so that site visitors get an instant overview.

But simply making an online flyer isn’t the end of it – there are other considerations when marketing on the web, and probably the most important is SEO. If a website isn’t properly optimised for search engine visibility, it almost certainly won’t be bringing in many new customers – and in some cases, may as well not exist at all.

Fortunately, optimising a website for search engines has many parallels with providing information to site visitors. As well as contact details and a quick overview, providing a more detailed description of the services a business offers is beneficial to both human readers and search engines. The more the readers know about what a business does and how it operates, the more likely they are to pick up the phone and get in touch. The more written content on a website, particularly with relevant key phrases, the more valuable it will appear to Google.

York Aerial Installations

A very useful tool for one page sites is a Google map. Google makes it possible to create a marker for any location, and embed the map in a website. The embedded map is more than simply an image of a map – it is interactive, and allows the user to zoom in and out, as well as use navigation controls to display different areas. York car valeting company KleenKar have this tool put to good use on their site:

York car valeting

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